how to reset clicker garage door keypad without code

The garage door keypads have advanced so much with the period, and the functions became more innovative. The chips in the Keypad also became quicker, enabling faster recognition formula, nowadays individuals are not required to come out of their cars and open the garage shutter. They only need to press the knob on the Keypad to have their door opened; however, the following Guide will help us in understanding essential steps on how someone can reshuffle clicker garage entrance keypad without a code.

Step 1

Reach the garage with the help of a ladder. Someone is required to reach the garage door opener, motor unit. Remember, the motor unit located on top of your garage door opener; you can climb the ladder to reach your targeted point.

Step 2

After reaching the top, you can search for the learn knob around the motor unit, which is commonly positioned on its side, once you find it press and hold the learn knob. Moreover, you are required to wait until the lights halt illuminating, which illustrates that the motor unit has already forgotten your old password. Now you will have successfully wiped the previously saved cryptogram, and now your system got no password.

Step 3

Further, tap the learn knob again, make the light again start illuminating, reach the Keypad, and set a new code. Also, remember you need to set a password that thieves cannot access to guess it easily. However, now the light around the motor unit will start blinking, which is a good sign that the system has accepted your new code. After you are done with this process, tapping the learn knob should make the garage door open.

4. Helpful frequently asked questions

What if someone does not have the Keypad on the garage door? Here is the solution

Yes, it is possible in some time that you do have the Keypad on your garage entrance, do not panic it is simple. You supposed to take the remote and confiscate the cover, which exposes the inner side of your remote, the first thing to notice is some switches, and that switch represents the cryptogram, the cipher used before.

You can then move the switches and create a new cryptogram that you feel secure, also you required to observe at the door opener in the garage to locate some switches there. The switches pattern should match the cryptogram pattern you used in your remote and move the switches to match remote code. Ultimately, keep your remote cover back in its place and test the remote if the solution has worked. Generally, the door should close and open as before.

What if the remote fails to work?

Besides, the remote may fail to work due to some obvious reasons. First, maybe the remote cordless is dead, get new ones or change the remote and have another try. Second, possibly because of corroded contacts, you need to check the connections and make them work, and lastly, perhaps the entrance was locked manually, and if so, therefore, check it. Furthermore, when the issue continues to happen, substituting your remote will be a crucial decision.


The garage door opener is a crucial part of our garage, although they ease people’s experience. Also, they might bring hassle like a need to reshuffle clicker garage entrance keypad without cryptogram, don’t be stressed since the issue can be solved. As a result, put the information into consideration to get a successful process when required to perform the above process.

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